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At Bioprinting at Berkeley, we put our passions and interests into practice by implementing research projects to explore 3D printing with cells. This year, Bioprinting at Berkeley is part of a crowdfunding event called Big Give on March 14 to raise money to make these projects into a reality. Please keep up to date with our Facebook posts as we show you how Bioprinting at Berkeley is impacting the community around it, and consider sharing our posts/donating to us!

For Fall 2018, Bioprinting@Berkeley partook in UC Berkeley’s crowdfunding campaign. A special thanks to our sponsors Kerry Rose and Joaquin Gilabert Murcia for contributing towards our crowdfunding goal!

If you are interested in supporting our growing brand, we welcome monetary support and mentorship! If you are interested in helping us reach our goal of printing functional tissue, please contact our treasurer, Matthew Pham, at