Our team is passionate about fostering community outreach and accessibility. Our outreach events are designed to share our knowledge with passionate individuals who do not have access to traditional bioprinting research.

We aim to showcase the potential of bioprinting in regenerative tissue engineering, and the work our undergraduate students have done to participate in the field. Among us is a curious group at Cal with a passion for innovation and a goal to create 3D printed tissues and organs to foster the cultivation of new and novel applications of tissue engineering in clinical research.


Splash at Berkeley brings local high school students to the University of California, Berkeley for a day of unlimited student-led learning. Participating students take courses in both conventional and unconventional subjects taught by Berkeley students (occasionally other university students). The goal is to build a unique educational environment not found within the standard school curriculum. Students are exposed to topics that they wouldn’t normally have access to and are empowered to take ownership of their education.

Bioprinting@Berkeley hosts a class on “Bioprinting: Future of Medicine” and gives high schools the students a chance to try crosslinking hydrogels.

Splash Spring 2022 Mentors: Natalie Celt, Ashvin Irrinki, Vitto Resnick, Shotaro Yamaguchi

Pictures from our Splash Spring 2022 class.

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BioEHSC™ is an annual team research and design competition for high school students, taking place every spring and hosted by the UC Berkeley Bioengineering Honor Society. To help high school students explore bioengineering, BioEHSC™ asks contestants to identify a problem in medicine or biology and design a bioengineering solution in seven weeks. Contestants will work in groups of four or five and will receive mentorship and advice from a bioengineering-focused researcher throughout the competition period. After the seven weeks, contestants will prepare a scientific poster and presentation that details their proposed solution and analysis of their approach. They will present their findings for evaluation to a panel of professors, graduate students, and industry professionals in a final research symposium.

Bioprinting@Berkeley hosts classes and workshops for BioEHSC students after their competition.

Splash Spring 2022 Mentors: Natalie Celt, Shobhin Logani, Vitto Resnick

Pictures of BioEHSC Spring 2022 students crosslinking sodium alginate hydrogels!

Cal Day

Cal Day 2018:

CalDay is UC Berkeley’s annual exposition event, which is open to the public. It showcases the best of Berkeley to prospective students and members of the local community.

Bioprinting@Berkeley had the honor of representing the UC Berkeley Bioengineering Department at CalDay 2017. We provided an interactive hydrogel and crosslinking demonstration, as well as a demonstration of our bioprinter.

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SWE High School Outreach

SWE hosts info-sessions and workshops for young girls to learn about the opportunities in engineering.  Bioprinting@Berkeley has been featured in SWE’s outreach programs throughout the year.