The Explorations in Bioprinting DeCal class provides students with a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of bioprinting. Students work hands-on in the many aspects of bioprinting: cell culture, hydrogel formulations, printer mechanics, and 3D bioprinting methods.

Are you interested in organ transplantation, cosmetics testing, pharmaceutical drug testing, burn treatment, or regenerative medicine? Then apply for the Explorations in Bioprinting decal!

Students in this decal will learn about biomaterials, 3D modeling and design, 3D printing, cell culture, and engineering project design through lectures, hands-on labs, and student-directed projects. We even have our own commercial grade desktop bioprinter which we are actively learning how to improve and optimize for our prints.

The first half of the DeCal is focused on building up your knowledge base with interactive lectures and hands-on labs, whereas in the second half you are put into teams and tasked with addressing a challenge in bioprinting or creating a novel approach to bioprinting. Through extensive lab time, you will gather data and images which you will consolidate into a research report that will serve as your final project.

The course has a strict attendance policy that only permits one unexcused absence for the lecture and lab each, with exceptions made for illnesses and midterms. Students who miss more will not pass.

All students will be expected to abide by the BSL2 lab safety rules which includes but is not limited to wearing closed-toe shoes, and no eating or drinking in the lab.

We invite students from all backgrounds with an interest and passion for bioprinting to apply regardless of their skillsets. We will be having class every week Tuesday (Lecture) 6-7 and Wednesday (Lab) 6-8PM. Join the bioprinting team this spring! All majors and experience levels are welcome!

Format (2 unit PNP course):

  • 1-hour lecture (Tues 6:00 – 7:00pm)
  • 2-hour hands-on lab (Weds 6:00- 8:00pm)

How to enroll:

Interested applicants are asked to fill out a google form that asks them questions regarding their previous experience with Bioprinting and any relevant skills (ie: cell culture, CAD, 3D printing, etc.). We prioritize admission to students who have little to no previous experience as well those who demonstrate a genuine interest in Bioprinting and acquiring the skills necessary to be prepared to join the Bioprinting club.

Application for Spring 2023 class: