Engineering Team

Current Projects

Aesthetic Bionics

Prosthetics are becoming more normalized than ever, and we are currently seeing progress in the realms of bionics that have high functionality and adaptability to the user. But many of these new high-end technologies still lack the realistic look that is important for users who wish to avoid unwanted attention. To address this, there has been great success in developing realistic prosthetics. However, these prosthetics commonly lack the functionality that would improve the user’s lifestyle. Our project aims to develop an aesthetic bionic arm that incorporates the best of both worlds by applying a human skin-like material to cover our bionic arm. This is of huge interest in this club because we are taking this a step further to create a skin hybrid with sensors that can provide feedback for users and this is being tackled by using 3D bioprinters.

Members: Shotaro Yamaguchi (Team Lead), Renan Milla, Amina Faisal, Angel Gamboa, Daniel Dapula Fernando Carrillo, Jackson Zilles, Jolene Huey, Jose Emilio Rodriguez, Phoebe (Xi Liu), Saman Khan

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Bioprinting Pen

The goal of this project is to build a cheap, modular, and handheld bioprinting pen, similar to 3D-printing pens, that allow for rapid prototyping and testing of hydrogel structures. The pen will ideally be a simplified version of the Inkredible+, ensuring that pressure, temperature, and flow rates are consistent and controllable by a user. We also hope to have temperature-regulated cartridges to hold bioinks and means to cross-linking hydrogels as they are deposited.

Members: Ashvin Irrinki (Team Lead), John Wang, Joy Wong, Clarissa Jacobo, Alexa Ramirez, Krish Patel, Ashley Mahadeo, Riley Benedict

Cross Linker

Working alongside other team groups to improve or create a specific alteration for a team’s need in relation to the bio printer. We collaborate in teams as well as a whole group by sharing thoughts and ideas of what and how to create innovative improvements. Currently working on being able to combine cell gel mixer into the bio printer in one go in order to prevent extra work of transferring the hydrogels to the printer multiple times.

Members: Ana Cortez (Team Lead), Fernando Carrillo, Anahí Barroso, Alisson Moreno Rivas, Stefanny Cachia, Roma Ankolekar, Ben Oliveau


The ShellGel Project designs and applies the next-gen, slow-emitting, and biodegradable hydrogel to various applications in marine environments. We currently focus on conserving the bay area’s natural habitats for shellfish via building a simple, automated plankton reactor that constantly produces food for shellfish during a 5-wks period near the Californian shore. We will also scale the project and patent our ShellGel. Mentored by David Milsted.

Members: Jiahao (Robert) Yao (Team Lead), Ling (Tom) Yin

Past Projects

Lawrence Hall of Science Demo Project: Project Lightsaber

Project Lightsaber is an educational outreach demonstration printer to teach the young and curious visitors of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory about tissue engineering. It is a great honor for us to have this opportunity to challenge ourselves in designing and manufacturing a demo printer for the Lawrence Livermore Lab. We would like to thank Lee Bishop for the chance to showcase our technology.

Dual Extrusion Project

Dual extrusion is crucial for bioprinting many complex structures, involving procedures such as providing scaffolding for prints, integrating cells into cell matrices with high control of concentration, and creating advanced gel matrix combinations. Most commercial 3D bioprinters fail to address this factor within reasonable cost. The goal of this project is to create an economical and inventive modular dual-extrusion head that can be readily swapped with the single-extrusion head on any average desktop 3D printer.

We have a working dual extruder model that we developing further to improve on features and usability.